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From the occurrence of background: in 1936 the Belgian scientist Theophile Vermeiren opened the phenomenon of thermophysical liquid properties change under the influence of magnetic field. In 1946 he protected his invention by patent of the USA № 2596743, class 210–1.5: «Electric Device». So the history of practical implementation of magnetic fields for the purpose of changing of physical and chemical properties of water in industry had begun.

Since then magnetic water treatment has been tested in many laboratories, in industry, in agriculture, in building, in medicine and in other manufactures, where the production is connected with the processes in liquids or is connected with them.

In 1996 we (the experts of «ETW-TECHNOLOGY plus» LTD) created the perfect power-saving equipment – the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) resonator. (Patents of Ukraine № 1123, № 6038, № 2210, № 2584, № 9801, № 6100, № 6051, № 6406. Technical specification of Ukraine TU 24486585. 001 99; Technical specification of Russia TU 3113. 001. 38959219. 2004). We succeeded in converting the phenomenon of thermophysical liquid properties change under the action of magnetic field (discovered by T. Vermeiren) to our devices designs. We also succeeded in providing its stability and operating efficiency. We tried to make the process of nonchemical liquid treatment in MGD resonator more perfect. And we achieved considerable results in this area by creating the following models of dev


Basic model (simple)

MGD resonator with indicating system

MGD resonator with manual control system

MGD resonator with  automatic control system

We are the pioneers in manufacturing the last three modifications of the devices.

None of the firms manufactures such hi-tech devices with self-adaptation systems to the operational environment that provides their guaranteed high-performance operation. The Company «ETW-TECHNOLOGY plus» LTD is the unique manufacturer of the devices designed to work with considerable fluid flow rate that is treated. Our devices remove the old scale nonchemically, prevent the formation of new one and intensify the different technological processes in Customer’s production cycle. We are the exclusive suppliers of the devices with the constant magnets for nonchemical intensification of technological processes in chemical, food, fuel and other industries. We also solve the problems of ecology.

The plans of our organization are to expand the technological fields of application of the devices with the aim of process refinement, energy conservation and resource-saving figure.

Owing to the branching dealer network the Company «ETW-TECHNOLOGY plus» LTD is presented now in the markets of Ukraine, Russia, Republic of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Bashkortostan. Owing to it the Company has wide experience in using such devices.

The firm provides the following services:

1. Contract supervision of MGD resonators.
2. Commissioning and gaining effect is guaranteed.
3. Putting into operation with a year QA (quality assurance) of work of the device.
4. Post-warranty service of MGD resonators (as required).

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